Connecture - IP Surveillance

Our focus is providing you with cost effective, innovative and effective technology that is resilient, easy to use and highly scalable. The technologies available today have become invaluable operational assets rather than simple security systems. Our team engage you with to design, plan, install and support a tailored solution that will meet and exceed your current business requirements, budget and future growth. Most organisations have sufficient knowledge of their own business requirements in order to evaluate current products, but require a skilled installation, implementation and support partner to assist with delivery. Historically security solutions operated on their own infrastructure, but recent years have seen a technological revolution, with the migration onto the corporate data network. Where most systems were previously installed and managed locally, they are now centrally managed and monitored.

This has created a number of noticeable advantages including:
    •   System flexibility and highly adaptable
    •   Cost effective implementation and ROI through the utilisation of your network Infrastructure
    •   Centralised IP software platform - the ability to control multiple sites from a central position
    •   Seamless integration with access control and other security systems
    •   Intelligence at the camera and network edge
    •   Dramatically improved image quality – megapixel deployment without compromise
    •   Full software control & user access permissions
    •   Central monitoring and event activated management
    •   Defined software upgrade path
    •   Your secure data can effectively be stored anywhere (locally, centrally, cloud)
    •   Environmentally – dramatically reduced cabling and power installation requirements

Our Surveillance portfolio includes:
    •   IP CCTV
    •   IP Access Control
    •   Door Entry

Our project team will help ensure that we exceed your expectations and we will assign a dedicated project manager for the duration of your project. It will be their role to oversee the implementation from concept to delivery and be fully accountable for our performance, by attending regular service level reviews and ensuring that project milestones are met.

Our Ethos

Our approach is key to our success. Our professional and motivated team push the boundaries of technology to meet our clients’ needs. By regular investment in our people we keep abreast of technology and enable our clients to take advantage of new industry developments where appropriate. We believe that strong partnerships are forged through integrity, trust and loyalty and we look forward to providing services to both new and existing customers.