Connecture - Moves, Adds & Changes

Connecture can help with all your evolving needs and assist with all of your MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) and repair work.

MAC related cabling installations services typically involve:

    •   Adding a new cable or outlets to a work area.
    •   Moving an existing cable from one location to another.
    •   Changing a cable drop location from one wall to another.
    •   Testing existing fibre-optic connections.

We help with:
    •   Identification of required services
    •   Planning & co-ordination of services
    •   Installation or re-location of cabling
    •   Patching of new positions and desk connections
    •   Re-location of equipment (PC’s, phones, printers, scanners)
    •   Post on site attendance (“go live”)
    •   Provision of detailed documentation

We can install virtually any part of your infrastructure as and when you need it. Our engineers will be deployed to your site or sites to install, move or upgrade any part of your voice and data network. Our project team will work with you to organise multiple sites at once, recommend and supply equipment and ensure everything occurs one time, budgeted and exceeds industry required standards.

Connecture can tailor your network to your changing requirements. Through experience we understand that the process of all of your MAC work can be a major undertaking, with both time and cost implications. Attention to detail and deadlines need to be met to make sure that disruptions to your business are eliminated. Our team can provide onsite co-ordination, enabling smooth business operations with no downtime or interruptions, especially on core systems which demand 24/7 uptime.

Our end-to-end MAC services allows you to focus on what you do best so you have time to focus your energy on the critical projects which are important to your organisation.

Our Ethos

Our approach is key to our success. Our professional and motivated team push the boundaries of technology to meet our clients’ needs. By regular investment in our people we keep abreast of technology and enable our clients to take advantage of new industry developments where appropriate. We believe that strong partnerships are forged through integrity, trust and loyalty and we look forward to providing services to both new and existing customers.