Connecture - Structured Cabling

The network infrastructure is the foundation for your organisation’s data, voice and video communication. Therefore a high performance network is crucial to delivering todays IT services, as well as enabling your organisations growth and future expansion.

Your cabling infrastructure may be needed to serve you for ten years or more, which is considerably longer than the rest of your network equipment, yet will typically only account for a small proportion of your annual IT spend.

Over this period the demands on your IT services are likely to dramatically increase therefore you need to make provision for scalability and flexibility. Once installed moves, adds & changes can prove both disruptive and expensive so it’s critical that you design and effectively deploy your infrastructure first time around.

Our Ethos

Our approach is key to our success. Our professional and motivated team push the boundaries of technology to meet our clients’ needs. By regular investment in our people we keep abreast of technology and enable our clients to take advantage of new industry developments where appropriate. We believe that strong partnerships are forged through integrity, trust and loyalty and we look forward to providing services to both new and existing customers.