Connected Buildings - Controlling efficiency and productvity

We focus on cost effective, highly resilient and innovative technology that is user friendly, flexible and scalable. Used effectively these systems become invaluable business tools and operational assets as opposed to just simple security systems or facilities.

Structured Cabling

A solid network infrastructure is the foundation of every high performance network. Structured cabling should be a key component of your infrastructure

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Fibre Solutions

We deliver a wide range of fibre optic solutions and are involved in the design & build of resilient fibre networks for a variety of clients.<

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Data Centre Solutions

The optimised layout of racks and rooms is paramount to enabling correct and reliable operation of your organisation. Connecture can meet your design and implementation requirements and also integrate additional systems such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power monitoring and Environmental Management Solutions.

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UPS Installations

Connecture have experience installing uninterruptable power supplies throughout the UK. We install power circuits to equipment racks to supply the UPS and keep your network protected from spikes, surges and power failure, allowing your active equipment to undergo a controlled shut down.<

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Power and Environmental Monitoring

We offer a wide range of solutions providing that offer both monitoring and fault diagnosis elements. These safeguard infrastructure quality and in turn reduce your data risk.

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Moves, Additions and Changes

As your network evolves, most companies will experience changes that involve moving or adding people, or transferring locations within the working environment.

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