Enterprise solutions by Connecture

We focus on cost effective, highly resilient and innovative technology that is user friendly, flexible and scalable. Used effectively these systems become invaluable business tools and operational assets as opposed to just simple security systems or facilities.

Physical Infastructure

Connecture have over 30 years combined experience of many types of cabling installations across a wide variety of environments. Every building now depends upon a structured cabling system.

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Structured Cabling

A solid network infrastructure is the foundation of every high performance network. Structured cabling should be a key component of your infrastructure

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Fibre Solutions

We deliver a wide range of fibre optic solutions and are involved in the design & build of resilient fibre networks for a variety of clients.<

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Wireless Solutions

Wireless LAN’s continue to grow rapidly in terms of speed, capability and availability, particularly in the corporate and enterprise environments. In order to leverage a more productive and efficient workforce, reduce cabling costs and provide ubiquitous access to enterprise IT systems.

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Comms and Cabinet Audits

We appreciate that over time your server rooms and comms cabinets can become untidy, congested, and difficult to manage and administrate. This can prevent you from easily tracing and solving issues, adding new network equipment or even closing the door. This can impact upon network performance, unnecessary downtime and at worst a health and safety hazard.<

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Moves, Additions & Changes

As your network evolves, most companies will experience changes that involve moving or adding people, or transferring locations within the working environment.

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Technology Roll-Outs

Connecture offer solutions to our clients with multiple locations, enabling multisite rollouts and technology deployment throughout the UK.<

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Business Migration

Relocating your business or IT infrastructure requires fastidious attention to detail, controlled planning and execution, otherwise both business and IT operations may become severely affected. Our tailored migration services ensure that nothing is left to chance.

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