Connecture - Access Control Solutions

Our systems provide live monitoring and offer time and attendance plug-ins, fire lists and traceability along with alerting mechanisms for exceptions; forced doors, continual unauthorised access attempts. By providing a flexible and cost effective alternative to keys, IP swipe and proximity cards, keypads and biometric solutions can restrict access to controlled doors, zones and time periods by individuals (staff and contractor), all through a simple-to-use software application.

There are many different systems available in the market today but most are very similar in functionality. When considering a new system, careful thought should be given to controller units and the number of doors these manage. Many systems require one controller per door whereas others can support upto 8 doors, reducing both implementation and support costs. Many businesses are migrating from the traditional analogue system to IP-based solutions, because of increased security, operational efficiency and better availability. This recent shift reflects what’s already happened in the telephony marketplace and more recently, CCTV.

Our Ethos

Our approach is key to our success. Our professional and motivated team push the boundaries of technology to meet our clients’ needs. By regular investment in our people we keep abreast of technology and enable our clients to take advantage of new industry developments where appropriate. We believe that strong partnerships are forged through integrity, trust and loyalty and we look forward to providing services to both new and existing customers.